Open Multitrack Testbed

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The Open Multitrack Testbed is an online repository of multitrack audio, mixes or processed versions thereof, and corresponding mix settings or process parameters such as DAW files.

Open Multitrack Testbed

Multitrack audio is a much sought after resource for audio researchers, students, and content producers, and while some online resources exist, few are large and reusable and none allow querying audio fulfilling specific criteria.
This Testbed, however, present contains a semantic database of metadata corresponding with the songs and individual tracks, enabling users to retrieve “all recordings of an accordion from Canada”, or “all songs with at least 10 different mixes”.

Many entries have a Creative Commons license, allowing us to host the material and allowing you to use, edit and/or redistribute it for your own purposes. Some audio is hosted on other websites, but can be found using our multitrack browser or search engine because of the rich metadata we attach to it.


When using the Open Multitrack Testbed for academic purposes, please cite

Brecht De Man, Mariano Mora-Mcginity, György Fazekas and Joshua D. Reiss, “The Open Multitrack Testbed,” 137th Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, October 2014. [pdfBibTeX | poster | website]